Scholarship abroad is a consulting firm that is governed by highly educated scholars living in home and abroad. The firm is committed to encourage graduates of all discipline to pursue their higher studies in advanced countries. The team has been working to manage scholarship for undergraduate, postgraduate students and researcher in the field of natural and social sciences. In addition the expert team is working on preparing manuscript, review, process and publication of article upon request from the researchers or students.

The team believe that many students as well as early career researcher do not have experience to write a manuscript from their research data. But they need a number of publications to pursue their higher studies with or without grant. Many researcher needs publication for their promotion in their respective job sector. Even many researcher while keeping busy with their job duties and necessary works they do not have enough time to write papers or scientific articles from their thesis or research data. Keeping all these things this platform is committed to serve these people as per their demand.

Our services includes:

  1. Manage host professor or researcher (supervisor for MS or PhD study)

  2. Providing or managing Recommendation letter from the host professor and researchers

  3. Preparing synopsis or project proposal

  4. Applying for suitable scholarship

  5. Help to prepare, edit, review and publish scientific paper from Thesis, Manuscript, research data. (we also write review paper)


Way of getting service from us

Step-1:  You have to send us your current resume or curriculum vitae to our email address with the type interest (mentioned above) to get the service(s).

Step-2: We will respond to your email within 5 working days.

Step-3: If you are eligible to get our service we will confirm you.

Step-4: The further processing will be done in accordance with our service policies.


Cost for preparation and publication:

Types of work USD Scopus Journal
Publication of article from prepared Manuscript (if accepted after review) 50 USD (One article)
90 USD (Two articles at a time)
upon discussion
Preparation of Manuscript from Thesis and publication 90 USD (One article)
150 USD (Two articles at a time from one thesis)
Preparation of Manuscript from report or conference proceedings and Publication 70 USD (One article)
175 USD (Two articles at a time)
Preparation of Manuscript from only Data and Publication 150 USD (One article)
250 (Two articles at a time)
Writing review article and publication 200 USD (One article)